Pentax 645Z Digital SLR Camera Menu Reference

To ensure the best performance from your camera, please read the operating manual before using the camera.

Menu Descriptions and Default Settings

Rec. Mode Menu
Movie Menu
Playback Menu
Set-up Menu
Custom Setting Menu
Other Default Settings
How to Use the Menu

Rec. Mode Menu

Exposure Mode
Memory Card Options
Image Capture Settings
HDR Capture
Lens Correction
D-Range Settings
ISO AUTO Setting
Slow Shutter Speed NR
Program Line
Live View
Electronic Level
Instant Review
Digital Preview
E-Dial Programming
Button Customization
Save USER Mode

Movie Menu

Exposure Setting
Memory Card Options
Movie Capture Settings
Recording Sound Level
HDR Capture
Movie SR

Playback Menu

Quick Zoom
Grid Display
Highlight Alert
Auto Image Rotation
Protect All Images
Delete All Images

Set-up Menu

Date Adjustment
World Time
Text Size
Sound Effects
LCD Display
LCD Display Settings
USB Connection
Folder Name
Create New Folder
File Name
File No.
Copyright Information
Flicker Reduction
Auto Power Off
Wireless Memory Card
Pixel Mapping
Dust Alert
Dust Removal
Firmware Info/Options

Custom Setting Menu

1. EV Steps
2. Sensitivity Steps
3. Meter Operating Time
4. AE-L with AF Locked
5. Link AE and AF Point
6. Auto EV Compensation
7. Bulb (B) Mode Options
8. Bracketing Order
9. One-Push Bracketing
10. WB Adjustable Range
11. WB When Using Flash
12. AWB in Tungsten Light
13. Color Temperature Steps
14. Superimpose AF Area
15. AF.S Setting
16. 1st Frame Action in AF.C
17. Action in AF.C Continuous
18. Hold AF Status
19. AF with Remote Control
20. Color Space
21. LCD Panel Illumination
22. Save Rotation Info
23. Save Menu Location
24. AF Fine Adjustment
25. Flash Sync Speed
26. 4-way Controller Options
27. Mirror Up Operation
28. Shake Reduction Options
29. Enable/Disable Controls
Reset Custom Functions


Restrictions on the Combinations of Special
Main Specifications

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