Pentax 645D Digital Camera Operating Manual

The photography world loves our first medium-format digital camera for delivering a very high 40-megapixel image quality at an attractive price. The PENTAX 645D captures the detail you want because it gives you the controls you want. The 44×33-millimeter CCD produces ultra-high resolution images ideal for even the largest of print sizes.

1 Before Using Your Camera

Checking the Contents of the Package
Names and Functions of Working Parts
Display Indicators

2 Getting Started

Attaching the Strap
Attaching the Lens
Using the Battery
Inserting/Removing the SD Memory Card
Initial Settings
Diopter Adjustment
Testing Your Camera
How to Change Function Settings

3 Shooting Functions

Setting the File Format and Data Saving Method
Exposure Setting
White Balance
Drive Mode
Auto Bracketing
Flash Mode
Custom Image

4 Playback and Processing Functions

Setting the Playback Functions
Displaying a Single Image
Displaying Multiple Images
Developing RAW Images
Protecting Images
Rotating Images
Changing the Image Size
Digital Filters
DPOF Settings
Connecting the Camera to AV Equipment

5 Using a Computer

Connecting to a Computer
Using the Provided Software

6 Appendix

Optional Accessories
Error Messages

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