Pentax 645D Digital Camera Menu Reference

Thank you for purchasing this PENTAX medium format digital SLR camera h. Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the features and functions. Keep this manual safe, as it can be a valuable tool in helping you to understand all the camera’s capabilities.

Menu Descriptions and Default Settings

Rec. Mode Menu
Playback Menu
Set-up Menu
Custom Setting Menu
Other Default Settings
How to Use the Menu

Rec. Mode Menu

Exposure Mode
SD1/SD2 Image File Format
JPEG Recorded Pixels
JPEG Quality
ISO AUTO Adjustment
D-Range Setting
Lens Correction
Program Line
Extended Bracketing
HDR Capture
Interval Shooting
Status Screen
Digital Preview
Instant Review
Electronic Level Display
Color Space
RAW File Format
RAW Button

Playback Menu

Playback Display Method
Delete All Images

Set-up Menu

Date Adjustment
World Time
Text Size
Guide Display
Brightness Level
LCD Color Tuning
Video Out
USB Connection
Folder Name
File Name
Copyright Information
Auto Power Off
Pixel Mapping
Dust Alert
Dust Removal
Sensor Cleaning

Custom Setting Menu

1. EV Steps
2. Sensitivity Steps
3. Expanded Sensitivity
4. Meter Operating Time
5. AE-L with AF Locked
6. Link AE to AF Point
7. One-Push Bracketing
8. Auto Bracketing Order
9. Auto EV Compensation
10. WB When Using Flash
11. WB Adjustable Range
12. AWB in Tungsten Light
13. AF Button Function
14. AF with Press Halfway
15. Superimpose AF Area
16. Number of AF Points
17. AF with Remote Control
18. Remote Control in Bulb
19. Slow Shutter Speed NR
20. High-ISO Noise Reduction
21. High-ISO NR Start Level
22. Color Temperature Steps
23. e-dial in Program
24. e-dial in Sv Mode
25. e-dial in Tv Mode
26. e-dial in Av Mode
27. e-dial in TAv & M Modes
28. e-dial in B & X Modes
29. Green Button in TAv & M
30. Green Button in X Mode
31. Saving Rotation Info
32. Auto Image Rotation
33. AF Fine Adjustment
34. External Flash Discharge
35. M and S Pixel Resolution
Reset Custom Functions


Main Specifications

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