Panasonic HX-A500 Wearable Camcorder Advanced Owner’s Manual

Level Shot and Image Stabilizer
Tilted shots are automatically leveled and fine blurring is suppressed. Images are always easy to see.

Easy to Use With Built-in LCD
HX-A500 comes with an LCD on the main unit. As well as enabling you to check your movies on location, it also makes it easy to change various settings. Operations are performed using the Joystick beneath the LCD. With visual feedback from the LCD, control soon becomes intuitive and fumble-free.


(Important) About the Waterproof/Dustproof
Read this first
What you can do with this unit
Names and Functions of Main Parts
Power supply: Charging the battery, Charging and recording time
Recording to a card: Cards that you can use with this unit, Inserting/removing a microSD card
Turning this unit on/off: About overheat detection
Setting date and time
Using the menu screen
Using the Setup Menu


Before recording: Wearing this unit
Changing the Recording Mode
Recording functions of menus


Playback using a smartphone
Using playback functions on a smartphone
Playing back on a TV
Playing back on a PC


Wi-Fi function
Using Wi-Fi modes: Changing the Wi-Fi mode
Remote operation: Preparations before using remote operation, Using remote operation with a direct connection ([Smartphone Direct Connect]), Using remote operation with a wireless access point connection ([Wireless Network Mode]), Screen display during remote operations
Live broadcasting: Preparations before broadcasting live, Broadcasting live
Playback on a DLNA-compatible TV: Preparations before using, Playback on a DLNA-compatible TV, Playing back on a DLNA-compatible TV
Install the Image App
Setting Up a Wi-Fi Connection: Setting up a direct connection to a smartphone, Setting up with [Wi-Fi Easy Setup], Connecting to a wireless access point
How to Use the [Wi-Fi SETUP] Menu

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