Panasonic HC-X1000 4K Camcorder Advanced Owner’s Manual

Versatile formats and bit rates make the X1000 unbeatable in a wide range of applications. Its AVCHD, MOV and MP4 formats make editing quick and easy. And Full-HD utilizes ALL Intra compression for a maximum bit rate of 200 Mbps to bring incredible quality to image production.

For external mic and line recording, the X1000 is equipped with 2-channel input terminals. A +48 V phantom power supply is also included to handle pro-spec, high-performance microphones for recording high-quality sound.


Names and Functions of Main Parts
Power supply
Preparation of SD cards
Turning the unit on/off
Selecting a mode
Using the LCD monitor/Viewfinder
Setting date and time
Using the menu screen


Before recording
Selecting a media to record
Recording motion pictures
Recording still pictures
Intelligent Auto Mode/Manual Mode
Using the zoom
Image Stabilizer Function
White Balance
Iris/Gain adjustment
Manual shutter speed
Audio Input
Counter display
USER button
Useful functions
Using Operation Icons
Using of multi-function dial


Motion picture/Still picture playback
Useful functions
Deleting scenes/still pictures
Watching Video/Pictures on your TV

With a PC

Using this unit with a PC


Copying/playing back with a USB HDD
Dubbing with a Blu-ray disc recorder, video device, etc


Wi-Fi function
Remote operation
Install the Image App
Setting Up a Wi-Fi Connection
How to Use the [Wi-Fi Setup] Menu


Using the Menu




Cautions for use
About copyright
Recording modes/approximate recordable time
Approximate number of recordable pictures

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