Olympus OM-D E-M1 Digital Camera Instruction Manual

With the new 16 MP Live MOS Sensor, the OM-D E-M1 automatically switches between Contrast Detection AF or Phase Detection AF to deliver blazing fast autofocus speed – no matter which Olympus Zuiko lens you use. All of our lenses – from our super-quiet MSC Micro Four-Thirds lenses to our renowned SWD Four Thirds lenses work seamlessly and to their full potential when paired with the OM-D E-M1. Features such as Focus Peaking and Magnified Focus Assist let you use your favorite OM lens with the appropriate adapter for beautiful results.

Preparing the camera and flow of operations

Names of parts
Charging and inserting the battery
Inserting and removing cards
Attaching a lens to the camera
Attaching the flash unit
Power on
Setting the date/time
Setting the shooting mode
Selecting a shooting method

Shooting using the viewfinder

Setting shooting functions

Shooting using live view

Using the touch screen
Setting shooting functions
Using live control

Viewing photographs and movies

Viewing photographs and movies
Using the touch screen

Basic operations

Information displays while shooting
Using the shooting modes
Commonly used shooting options
Information display during playback

Using shooting options

Reducing camera shake (image stabilizer)
Processing options (picture mode)
Adding effects to a movie
Setting the image aspect
Image quality (record mode)
Adjusting flash output (flash intensity control)
Choosing how the camera measures brightness (metering)
Choosing a focus mode (AF mode)
Movie sound options (recording sound with movies)

Menu functions

Basic menu operations
Using Shooting Menu 1/Shooting Menu 2
Using the playback menu
Using the setup menu
Using the custom menus
Using the accessory port menus

Printing pictures

Print reservation (DPOF)
Direct printing (PictBridge)

Connecting the camera to a computer and a smartphone

Installing the PC software
Copying pictures to a computer without OLYMPUS Viewer 3
Using the camera wireless LAN function
Things you can do with OIShare

Battery, battery charger, and card

Battery and charger
Using an optional AC adapter
Using your charger abroad
Usable cards
Record mode and fi le size/number of storable still pictures

Using separately sold accessories

Power Battery Holder (HLD-7)
External fl ash units designated for use with this camera
Wireless remote control flash photography
Other external flash units
Principal Accessories
System chart


Shooting tips and information
Error codes
Cleaning and storing the camera
Menu directory

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