Nikon D800/D800E Digital Camera Technical Guide

While its groundbreaking 36 megapixels give the D800/D800E resolution unrivalled by previous digital SLR cameras, a side eff ect of such high resolution is that blur, whether the result of imprecise focus or camera shake, becomes that much more noticeable. Realizing the full potential of a camera with over 30-million pixels involves a thorough understanding of the causes and characteristics of blur, careful selection of settings and tools (lenses, tripods, etc.), and working with the best possible subjects.

Shooting Techniques

Still Subjects
Lesson 1: Use a Tripod
Lesson 2: Use Live View
Lesson 3: Avoid Very Small Apertures
Same Shot with Viewfi nder Framing

Portrait Subjects
Lesson 1: Choose the Proper Focus Settings
Lesson 2: Choose the Proper Exposure Settings
Learn from Mistakes: Same Shot, Diff erent Focus Point

Quick Tips

1. High ISO Sensitivity
2. Auto ISO Sensitivity Control
3. Improving Optical Performance
4. Backlit Portraits

The D800E

1. High Resolution Images with the D800E
2. Aperture and Complex Subjects
3. Color Aliasing and Moire

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