Nikon D800/D800E Digital Camera Technical Guide Picture Control Edition

This D800/D800E Technical Guide, Picture Control Edition helps those who have mastered the basic techniques described in the original D800/D800E Technical Guide progress to the next level: using image enhancement to elevate mere photographs into works of art. Taking one such image enhancement technique – Picture Controls – as an example, this guide shows how professional photographers using the D800/D800E choose and adapt settings according to the situation.

Available with compatible cameras and software, the flexible, fully customizable Nikon Picture Control image enhancement system lets all photographers, from beginners to professionals, fine-tune color, exposure, and other settings to create photographs and movies that better refl ect their artistic and creative vision. This guide illustrates how Picture Controls can be customized on the camera or using the Picture Control Utility, which lets you preview the eff ects of even the smallest change to Picture Control parameters.

Featuring the D800/D800E, which is equipped with a Picture Control button for quick access to Picture Controls, this guide shows how Picture Controls can be used to enhance movies and photographs alike. Experience the fl exibility of an image enhancement system that can be adapted to your subject and creative intent.

Modifying Existing Picture Controls

Modifying Picture Control Parameters: Sample Images

Matching Settings to Your Subject

Vivid Food Photos, Translucent Food Photos

Adding Depth, Brightening Colors in Fill-Flash Photos, Emphasizing Shadows, Bright Lights, Healthy Complexion, High-Contrast Black-and-White

Softening Highlights, Balancing Interior and Exterior Lighting, Giving Interiors a Soft, Fuzzy Feel

Managing Custom Picture Controls

Creating Custom Picture Controls, Sharing Custom Picture Controls

The Picture Control Utility

Creating Custom Picture Controls
Level Adjustment, Using Custom Tone Curves

Importing and Exporting Custom Picture Controls
Importing Controls to the Picture Control Utility, Saving Custom Picture Controls to a Memory Card

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