Nikon D7200 Digital Camera Menu Guide

Free of an optical low-pass filter, the D7200 produces remarkably pure, sharp photos and videos. Its 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor works together with EXPEED 4 image processing and NIKKOR lenses to enhance detail and tonality. This outstanding image quality is maintained all the way up to ISO 25,600 (two full stops higher than the D7200′s predecessor) for amazing low-light images. You can also now expand the ISO range up to BW1 (51,200) and BW2 (102,400) to shoot monochromatic photos in even more challenging lighting situations. Whether shooting stills or video, selecting the 1.3x crop mode extends the reach of NIKKOR DX and FX-format lenses, getting you closer to sports, action, wildlife and more.

The Playback Menu: Managing Images

Playback Folder
Hide Image
Playback Display Options
Copy Image(s)
Image Review
After Delete
Rotate Tall
Slide Show
DPOF Print Order

The Photo Shooting Menu: Photo Shooting Options

Reset Photo Shooting Menu
Storage Folder
File Naming
Role Played by Card in Slot 2
Image Quality
Image Size
Image Area
JPEG Compression
NEF (RAW) Recording
White Balance
Set Picture Control
Manage Picture Control
Color Space
Active D-Lighting
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Vignette Control
Auto Distortion Control
Long Exposure NR (Long Exposure Noise Reduction)
ISO Sensitivity Settings
Remote Control Mode (ML-L3)
Multiple Exposure
Interval Timer Shooting

The Movie Shooting Menu: Movie Shooting Options

Reset Movie Shooting Menu
File Naming
Frame Size/Frame Rate
Movie Quality
Microphone Sensitivity
Frequency Response
Wind Noise Reduction
Image Area
White Balance
Set Picture Control
Manage Picture Control
Movie ISO Sensitivity Settings
Time-Lapse Photography

Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings

Reset Custom Settings
a: Autofocus
b: Metering/Exposure
c: Timers/AE Lock
d: Shooting/Display
e: Bracketing/Flash
f: Controls
g: Movie

The Setup Menu: Camera Setup

Format Memory Card
Save User Settings
Reset User Settings
Monitor Brightness
Monitor Color Balance
Clean Image Sensor
Lock Mirror up for Cleaning
Image Dust Off Ref Photo
Flicker Reduction
Time Zone and Date
Auto Image Rotation
Battery Info
Image Comment
Copyright Information
Save/Load Settings
Virtual Horizon
Non-CPU Lens Data
AF Fine-Tune
Location Data
Eye-Fi Upload
Conformity Marking
Firmware Version

The Retouch Menu: Creating Retouched Copies

Red-Eye Correction
Filter Effects
Image Overlay
NEF (RAW) Processing
Quick Retouch
Distortion Control
Color Outline
Color Sketch
Perspective Control
Miniature Effect
Selective Color
Edit Movie
Side-by-side Comparison

My Menu / Recent Settings

Recent Settings

Technical Notes

Other Accessories
Available Settings
Exposure Program (Mode P)
Lenses That May Block the Built-in Flash and AF-Assist Illuminator

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