Nikon D5300 Digital Camera Reference Manual

The sharpness, clarity and richness of colors in the D5300′s photos and Full HD videos is nothing short of astounding. A recent design innovation allows the D5300′s 24.2-megapixel DX format CMOS image sensor* to capture pure, lifelike images. Enlarge or crop your photos without losing any sharpness or detail – a feat not possible with most smartphones. Pair that capability with any exceptional NIKKOR lens, marvels of clarity and sharpness in their own right, and you’ll experience the image quality your memories deserve.


Getting to Know the Camera
Camera Menus: An Overview
First Steps

“Point-and-Shoot” Modes (Auto and Auto (flash off))

Framing Photos in the Monitor
Recording Movies

Matching Settings to the Subject or Situation (Scene Mode)

The Mode Dial
Other Scenes

Special Effects

Night Vision
Color Sketch
Toy Camera Effect
Miniature Effect
Selective Color
High Key
Low Key
HDR Painting
Options Available in Live View

More on Photography

Choosing a Release Mode
Continuous Shooting (Burst Mode)
Quiet Shutter Release
Self-Timer Mode
Focus (Viewfinder Photography)
Image Quality and Size
Using the Built-in Flash
ISO Sensitivity
Interval Timer Photography
Remote Control Photography
Restoring Default Settings
Location Data

P, S, A, and M Modes

Shutter Speed and Aperture
Preserving Detail in Highlights and Shadows
Multiple Exposure
White Balance
Picture Controls

Live View

Framing Photographs in the Monitor

Recording and Viewing Movies

Recording Movies
Viewing Movies
Editing Movies

Playback and Deletion

Full-Frame Playback
Thumbnail Playback
Calendar Playback
Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom
Protecting Photographs from Deletion
Rating Pictures
Deleting Photographs
Slide Shows


Installing ViewNX 2
Using ViewNX 2
Printing Photographs
Viewing Pictures on TV


What Wi-Fi Can Do for You
Accessing the Camera
Selecting Pictures for Upload

Camera Menus

The Playback Menu: Managing Images
The Shooting Menu: Shooting Options
Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings
The Setup Menu: Camera Setup
The Retouch Menu: Creating Retouched Copies
Recent Settings/My Menu

Technical Notes

Compatible Lenses
Optional Flash Units (Speedlights)
Other Accessories
Caring for the Camera
Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions
Available Settings
Error Messages
Memory Card Capacity
Battery Life

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