Nikon D5200 Digital Camera User’s Manual

Shooting photos and videos is about more than capturing memories. A great camera brings your creative vision to life with striking clarity. The Nikon D5200 is exactly that type of camera – an exceptional HD-SLR designed to draw exciting new perspectives out of everyone who shoots it. Optimized for creativity, streamlined for flexibility, it’ll awaken your passion and inspire some of the most spectacular photos and videos you’ve ever captured.


Getting to Know the Camera
First Steps

Basic Photography

Battery Level and Card Capacity
“Point-and-Shoot” Photography (Auto and Auto (flash off) Modes)

Playback and Deletion

Viewing Photographs
Display pictures
Deleting Pictures

More on Photography (All Modes)

Single-Frame, Continuous, Self-timer, Remote, and Quiet Release Modes
Self-Timer and Remote Control Modes
Image Quality and Size
Using the Built-in Flash
ISO Sensitivity
Interval Timer Photography

P, S, A, and M Modes

Mode P (Programmed Auto)
Mode S (Shutter-Priority Auto)
Mode A (Aperture-Priority Auto)
Mode M (Manual)
Exposure Compensation (Mode P, S, A, and Night vision Only)

Live View

Framing Photographs in the Monitor

Recording and Viewing Movies

Recording Movies
Viewing Movies

Special Effects

Shooting with Special Effects

Camera Menus

Menu Options

ViewNX 2

Installing ViewNX 2
Using ViewNX 2

Technical Notes

Compatible Lenses
Other Accessories
Caring for the Camera
Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions
Error Messages

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