Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera Reference Manual

Pull the ultra-slim, ultra-stylish COOLPIX S7000 out of a pocket or purse, zoom in with much more power than you’d expect from such a small camera – 20x – and capture beautiful close-ups of distant action. Then use the built-in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication technology (NFC) to connect to your camera to a compatible smartphone so you can start transferring photos from the COOLPIX S7000 to your smartphone wirelessly! With Vibration Reduction (VR) keeping your 16-megapixel photos sharp and your Full HD 1080/60i videos steady, Scene Modes for overcoming tricky shooting situations and plenty of creative Image Effects, your photos and videos will be the envy of your friends.


Read This First
For Your Safety
Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN Network)

Parts of the Camera

The Camera Body
The Monitor

Preparing for Shooting

Insert the Battery and Memory Card
Charge the Battery
Turn the Camera On and Set the Display Language, Date, and Time

Basic Shooting and Playback Operations

Shooting with Auto Mode
Play Back Images
Delete Images
Changing the Shooting Mode
Using the Flash, Self-timer, Etc.
Recording Movies

Shooting Features

Auto Mode
Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)
Special Effects Mode (Applying Effects When Shooting)
Smart Portrait Mode (Enhancing Human Faces When Shooting)
Short Movie Show Mode (Combining Movie Clips to Create Short Movies)
Flash Mode
Macro Mode (Taking Close-up Pictures)
Creative Slider (Adjusting Brightness (Exposure Compensation), Vividness, and Hue)
Exposure Compensation (Adjusting Brightness)
Default Settings (Flash, Self-timer, Etc.)
Functions That Cannot Be Used Simultaneously When Shooting

Playback Features

Playback Zoom
Thumbnail Playback/Calendar Display
List by Date Mode
Viewing and Deleting Images Captured Continuously (Sequence)
Editing Images (Still Images)

Recording and Playing Back Movies

Capturing Still Images While Recording Movies
Operations During Movie Playback
Editing Movies

Using Menus

The Shooting Menu (The Common Shooting Options)
The Shooting Menu (for Auto Mode)
The Smart Portrait Menu
The Playback Menu
The Movie Menu
The Wi-Fi Options Menu
The Setup Menu

Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Function

Installing the Software on the Smart Device
Connecting the Smart Device to the Camera
Preselecting Images in the Camera That You Want to Transfer to a Smart Device

Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or Computer

Connecting the Camera to a TV (Playback on a TV)
Connecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)
Using ViewNX 2 (Transferring Images to a Computer)

Technical Notes

Caring for the Product
Cleaning and Storage
Error Messages
File Names
Optional Accessories

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