Nikon Coolpix S33 Digital Camera Reference Manual

The COOLPIX S33 can go underwater down to 33 feet deep, withstand drops of up to 5 feet and can play in the snow at temperatures as cold as 14° F, so even the rough conditions won’t stop you from recording precious memories. Safe to take to the beach, pool, playground and any place fit for family fun – you can always get a great shot of the action.


Read This First
For Your Safety
Important: Shockproof, Waterproof, Dustproof, Condensation

Parts of the Camera

The Camera Body
The Monitor
Using the Flexible Buttons

Preparing for Shooting

Insert the Battery and Memory Card
Charge the Battery
Turn the Camera On and Set the Display Language, Date, and Time

Basic Shooting and Playback Operations

Point and Shoot
Play Back Images
Delete Images

Shooting Features

Functions Available in Shooting Mode (Shooting Menu)
Point and Shoot
Flash Mode
Smile Timer
Choose a Style (Shooting Suited to Scenes and Effects)
Change Colors
Change Sounds
Choose a Size
Functions That Cannot Be Used Simultaneously When Shooting

Playback Features

Playback Zoom
Thumbnail Playback
Functions Available in Playback Mode (Playback Menu)
Exchange Messages
Picture Play
View by Date
Slide Show

Recording and Playing Back Movies

Operations During Movie Playback

General Camera Setup

Camera Settings Menu
Camera Settings

Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or Computer

Connecting the Camera to a TV
Connecting the Camera to a Printer
Using ViewNX 2 (Transferring Images to a Computer)

Technical Notes

Caring for the Product
Cleaning and Storage
Error Messages
File Names
Optional Accessories

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