Nikon 1 J3 Digital Camera Reference Manual

The first thing you’ll notice about your Nikon 1 J3 is its extraordinary speed. The LCD display has absolutely no lag. That means you can frame shots faster, pan faster, zoom faster – do everything faster. The Hybrid AF System is the fastest in the world, so your images will be crystal clear, whether you’re shooting a soaring bird or a fidgety child. The shutter fires at a blazing speed – up to 15 shots per second continuously – so you can freeze even the fastest moving subjects.


Before You Begin
Parts of the Camera
First Steps

Auto Mode

Taking Photos in Auto Mode
Viewing Photographs
Recording Movies in Auto Mode

Creative Mode

Choosing a Creative Mode
Choosing a Scene
Taking Photos in P, S, A, and M Modes
Easy Panorama
Recording Movies in Creative Mode

Best Moment Capture Mode

Slow View
Smart Photo Selector
Viewing Photos Taken with the Smart Photo Selector

Motion Snapshot Mode

Shooting in Motion Snapshot Mode
Viewing Motion Snapshots

Recording and Viewing Movies

Recording HD Movies
Recording Slow-Motion Movies
Viewing Movies

More on Photography

Single-Frame, Continuous, and Self-Timer Modes
Exposure Compensation
The Built-in Flash
The WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter

More on Playback

Photo Information
Thumbnail Playback
Calendar Playback
Playback Zoom
Deleting Pictures
Rating Pictures
Slide Shows


Installing the Supplied Software
Viewing and Editing Pictures on a Computer
Viewing Pictures on TV
Printing Photographs

The Playback Menu

Selecting Multiple Images
Image Review
Rotate Tall
Face-Priority Zoom
Edit Movie
Change Theme

The Shooting Menu

Reset Shooting Options
Exposure Mode
Image Quality
Image Size
Number of Shots Saved
Movie Before/After
File Format
Auto Distortion Control
Color Space
Active D-Lighting
Long Exposure NR
Optical VR
Electronic VR
Focus Mode
AF-Area Mode
Built-in AF Assist
Flash Compensation

The Movie Menu

Reset Movie Options
Frame Rate
Movie Settings
Movie Sound Options

The Image Processing Menu

Reset Processing Options
White Balance
ISO Sensitivity
Picture Control
Custom Picture Control
High ISO Noise Reduction

The Setup Menu

Reset Setup Options
Format Memory Card
Slot Empty Release Lock
Sound Settings
Auto Power Off
Shutter Button AE Lock
Flicker Reduction
Reset File Numbering
Time Zone and Date
Auto Image Rotation
Pixel Mapping
Firmware Version

Technical Notes

Optional Accessories
Storage and Cleaning
Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions
Available Settings
Memory Card Capacity
Error Messages

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