Netgear WNR2000v5 WiFi Router User Manual

Wirelessly connect all of your computers and mobile devices. N300 WiFi speed lets you simultaneously download, stream music and video, and game online. NETGEAR genie makes it easy to setup and monitor your network. Parental controls keep your Internet experience safe and secure.

1. Hardware Setup

Front Panel
Rear Panel
Position Your Router
Cable Your Router

2. Connect to the Network and Access the Router

Wired Connection
WiFi Connection
Types of Logins
Log In to the Router

3. Specify Initial Settings

Specify an Internet Connection Without a Login
Specify an Internet Connection That Uses a Login
Specify IPv6 Internet Connections
Change the MTU Size

4. Optimize Performance

Optimize Internet Gaming with Upstream QoS
Optimize Internet Streaming with QoS
Wi-Fi Multimedia Quality of Service
Improve Network Connections with Universal Plug and Play

5. Control Access to the Internet

Use Keywords to Block Internet Sites
Block Services from the Internet
Schedule When to Block Internet Sites and Services
Avoid Blocking on a Trusted Computer
Set Up Security Event Email Notifications

6. Specify Network Settings

Set Up a Default DMZ Server
Change the Router’s Device Name
Change the LAN TCP/IP Settings
Specify the IP Addresses That the Router Assigns
Reserve LAN IP Addresses
Use the WPS Wizard for WiFi Connections
Specify Basic WiFi Settings
Set Up a WiFi Guest Network
Control the Wireless Radio
Set Up a WiFi Schedule
Specify WPS Settings
Dynamic DNS

7. Manage Your Network

View Internet Port Information
Display Internet Port Statistics
Check the Internet Connection Status
View Wireless Settings
View Guest Network Settings
Reboot the Router
View Logs of Router Activity
Monitor Internet Traffic
Manage the Router Configuration File
Change the admin Password
Remote Management

8. Specify Internet Port Settings

Add a Custom Port Forwarding Service
Edit a Port Forwarding Service
Delete a Port Forwarding Entry
Application Example: Make a Local Web Server Public
How the Router Implements the Port Forwarding Rule
Set Up Port Triggering

9. Troubleshooting

admin Password
WiFi Passwords
WiFi Connections
Changes Not Saved
Cannot Log In to the Router
The Router Cannot Access the Internet
Troubleshoot Your Network Using the Ping Utility
Troubleshoot IP Addresses

A. Supplemental Information

Technical Specifications

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