Linksys E900, E1200, E1500, E2500, E3200, E4200 Wi-Fi Routers User Guide

Transfer rates of up to N300 Mbps offer essential speed and range.

Setting Up: Basics

How to create a home network
Where to find more help
How to set up your router
How to improve your wireless connection speed
How to test your Internet connection speed
How to connect devices to your network
How to change your router’s name and password

Setting Up: Advanced

How to open the browser-based utility
How to manually set up your router
How to set up the DHCP server on your router
How to find your network on the Internet
How to clone a MAC address
How to connect to your corporate office using a VPN
How to optimize your router for gaming and voice
How to remotely change your router settings
How to enable Voice over IP on your network
How to configure UPnP
How to use a router as an access point
How to put your new router behind an existing router
How to expose a device to the Internet

Improving Security

How do I know if my network is secure
Network security following a manual setup
How to set up wireless security using Wi?Fi Protected Setup
How to control access to your wireless network

Port Forwarding and Port Triggering

How to set up port forwarding
How to set up port range triggering for online gaming
How to configure your Xbox for online gaming

Maintaining and Monitoring

How to back up and restore your router configuration
How to upgrade the router’s firmware
How to check the status of your router

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