Linksys E8350 Wi-Fi Router User Guide

Take your gaming and streaming to the next level with the Linksys AC2400 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router. Featuring the latest in Wireless-AC, this 4×4 router delivers four data streams–instead of the traditional two or three–to all your devices for a seamless entertainment experience. The AC2400 is equipped with a 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU and is MU-MIMO ready, so it can handle heavy-bandwidth activities and heavy network traffic at a combined speed of up to 2.33 Gbps, making it the fastest Wi-Fi technology.

Setting Up Your E-Series Router

Where to find more help
How to set up your router
How to start Linksys Connect
Use Linksys Connect to manage your router
How to manually set up your router

Advanced Configuration

How to open the browser-based utility
Setup > Basic Setup: Language, Internet Setup
Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings: Wireless Settings

Wireless Security

Wireless > Wireless Security
Option settings


Your router was not successfully set up
Get Windows XP Service Pack 3 message
Your Internet cable is not plugged in message
Cannot access your router message
Device not found message

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