LG PB63U Portable LED Projector Owner Manual

Using the Blank Function

This function may be effective when youneed to draw attention during a meeting or training.

1. Press the BLANK button, and the screen is covered by the background color.
You can change the background color by referring to “Selecting a Blank Image”.

2. Press any button to clear the blank function.
To cover the screen temporarily, press the BLANK button on the remote control.
Do not block the lens with any object while the projector is running.
It may become overheated and deformed or even cause a fire.

To Use DLP-LINK (DLP-Ready) Type Glasses

1. While watching 3D images from the projector, press the button on the glasses.

2. When you press the button, the glasses flicker to be synchronized with the 3D images.
(The flickering is a unique operation method of DLP-LINK type glasses. It may be different depending on the glasses type.)

3. If the glasses flicker or problems occur while watching 3D, first turn the lights off to make the room darker. Contact your projector seller for queries about the glasses.

Component Connection

You can enjoy vivid images when you connect an external device with a RGB IN port to the component port of the projector. Press the INPUT button on the remote control to select Component.

Cleaning the Lens

If there is any dust or staining on the lens surface, you must clean the lens.

Use an air spray or a cleaning cloth to clean the lens.

To remove dust or stains, use an air spray or apply a small amount of cleaning agent onto a swab or soft cloth to lightly rub the lens.

Please be aware that liquid may flow onto the lens if the product is sprayed directly onto the lens.

Cleaning the Projector Case

To clean the projector case, first unplug the power cord.

To remove dust or stains, use only a dry, lint-free, nonabrasive cloth to polish the lens.

Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinners or other chemicals, which may damage the case.

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