LG PB60G Portable LED Projector Owner Manual

Connecting USB Storage Devices

Connect a USB flash drive as shown below.

When a USB storage device is connected, the USB adjustment screen appears.

You cannot write or delete data on the USB storage device.

To disconnect the USB storage device,

1 Press the Q.MENU button.

2 Use the < or > button to move to USB Device and press the OK button.

3 Remove the USB device.

To Use DLP-LINK (DLP-Ready) Type Glasses

1 While watching 3D images from the projector, press buttons on the glasses.

2 When you press the button, the glasses flicker to be synchronized with the 3D images.
(The flickering is a unique operation method of DLP-LINK type glasses. It may be different depending on the glasses type.)

3 If the glasses flicker or problems occur while watching 3D, first turn the lights off to make the room darker. Contact your projector seller for queries about the glasses.

Connecting to an HD Receiver, DVD, or VCR Player

Connect an HD receiver, DVD, or VCR player to the projector and select an appropriate input mode.

HDMI Connection
With an HDMI cable, you can enjoy high quality picture and sound. Press the INPUT button on the remote control to select HDMI.

Connecting to a PC
The projector supports Plug & Play.
A PC will automatically recognize the projector and requires no driver to be installed.

RGB Connection
Connect the PC output and the PC video input port of the projector with the RGB cable.
For audio signal, connect the PC and the projector with an optional audio cable.

Connecting to the AV INPUT
Connect the output ports of an external device and the AV INPUT port of the projector. Press the INPUT button to select AV.

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