JVC SR-HD2500US Blu-ray Disc HDD Recorder Instructions

JVC’s SR-HD2500US combo deck allows users to create standard Blu-Ray high-definition discs or standard DVDs without the need to utilize a PC. The unit records from a variety of sources to its built-in 500GB hard drive or directly to Blu-ray disc, easily and efficiently. A built-in SD/HD-SDI interface ensures compatibility with most HD cameras, recorders and production switchers. Cameras providing USB 2.0, iLink or SDHC memory files may also be used. For clients who require content in standard definition, the SR-HD2500 is capable of downscaling and burning standard definition DVDs. Multiple copies of Blu-ray or DVD discs are easily obtained with the built-in duplication functon.

Getting Started

Key Features
How to Read this Manual
Other Precautionary Notes
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
SD Cards
Precautions on the Use of Discs
On-screen Displays
Name and Function of Parts


Connecting a Monitor
Connecting an Amplifier
Connecting a Video Deck or Other Equipment
Connecting External Devices
Connecting the Power Supply
Setting and Displaying Date/Time
Setting the Time Code


Recording Modes
Importing Data from a BD/DVD to the HDD
Importing Data from a USB-compatible Device to the HDD
Importing Data from an SD Card to the HDD
Importing Data from an i.LINK-compatible Device to the HDD
Dubbing a Title from the HDD to a BD/DVD
Dubbing Still Images from the HDD
Enabling Playback on Other Devices (Finalizing)
Copying the Entire Disc
Recording Using External Inputs

Playing Back

About Playing Back
Using Playback Navigation
Video Playback Operation
Playing Videos on a BD/DVD
Playing Videos on the HDD
Playing Videos on a SD Card
Playing Still Images (JPEG)
Changing Playback Settings
Playback Settings Menu


Entering Characters
Changing the Title/Group Name
Deleting a Title/Group
Turning On Title/Group Protection
Turning Off Title/Group Protection
Creating a Playlist
Editing a Thumbnail
Editing a Chapter
Delete Scenes
Changing the Disc Name
Changing the Shooting Date/Time
Mode conversion

Settings Menu

Changing Settings of this Unit
Setting Menu List


Locking the Disc Tray
Turning on the Mode Lock
Last Function Memory
RS-232C Interface
Language Code List
Country Code List
Using the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI CEC)
Creating a Seamless BD