JVC GY-LS300CHU, GY-LS300CHE 4KCAM Camcorder Full Instructions Manual

The GY-LS300 features a JVCKENWOOD AltaSens 4K CMOS Super 35 high sensitivity image sensor uniquely combined with an industry standard Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount. The single chip CMOS sensor has approximately 13.5 megapixels and achieves a standard sensitivity of ISO 400 with a total of 12 stops of exposure latitude. Super 35 Cinema lenses may be used and will retain their native angle of view. When the camera is used with MFT, Super 16 and other size lenses, JVC’s proprietary Variable Scan Mapping feature will maintain the lens’s native angle of view. This gives filmmakers the flexibility of using widely available MFT lenses as well as high end cinema lenses. It is also possible to attach the camera to microscopes and other devices using a MFT/C-mount adaptor. The unique combination of the MFT mount, the larger S35 image sensor and Variable Scan Mapping give the camera nearly limitless lens options.


Safety Precautions
Main Features
Precautions for Proper Use
Operation Modes
Names of Parts
Basic System Diagram


Settings and Adjustments Before Use
Power Supply
Power Status Display
Turning On/Off the Power
Initial Settings
Displays on the LCD Monitor and Viewfinder
Adjusting the LCD Monitor and Viewfinder
Assignment of Functions to User Buttons
Tally Lamp
SD Card
Operation Lock Feature


Basic Shooting Procedures
Selecting System Definition, File Format and Video Format
Variable Scan Mapping (VSM)
Zoom Operation
Focus Operation
Adjusting the Focus by Face Detection
Adjusting the Brightness
Adjusting the Iris
Setting the Gain
Setting the Electronic Shutter
Setting the ND Filter
Adjusting the White Balance
Adjusting the Camera Image
Using the Image Stabilizer
Audio Recording
Monitoring Audio Sound During Recording Using a Headphone
Time Code and User’s Bit
Setting Time Code Generator
Setting the User’s Bit
Setting Zebra Pattern
Viewing Recorded Videos Immediately (Clip Review)
Recording Simultaneously at Two Different Definitions
Series Rec
Dual Rec
Backup Rec
Special Recording
Splitting the Clips Freely (Clip Cutter Trig)


Playing Recorded Clips
Deleting Clips
Appending/Deleting OK Mark
Selecting and Performing Operations on Multiple Clips
Trimming Recorded Clips

Menu Display and Detailed Settings

Basic Operations in Menu Screen
Menu Screen Hierarchical Chart
Camera Function Menu
Camera Process Menu
TC/UB Menu
A/V Set Menu
System Menu
Adding/Editing Frequently Used Menu Items (Favorites Menu)

Display/Status Screen

Display Screen in Camera Mode
Display Screen in Media Mode
Status Screen

Camera Features

Marker and Safety Zone Displays (Camera Mode Only)
Color Bar Output
Configuring Setup Files

Connecting External Devices

Connecting External Monitor
Connecting the Headphone
Connecting Wired Remote Control
Loading Clips to the PC

Connecting to the Network

Functions of Network Connection
Preparing Network Connection
Importing Metadata
Uploading a Recorded Video Clip
Connecting from a Web Browser
Editing Metadata
Uploading a Recording Clip via a Web Browser
View Remote Feature
Camera Control Function
Changing the Settings via a Web Browser
Managing the Network Connection Settings File
Performing Live Streaming


Error Messages and Actions
Software License Agreement
Important Notice concerning the Software

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