Garmin zūmo 590LM Motorcycles GPS Owner’s Manual

A Great View of the Road
zūmo 590LM has a big, bright 5.0 inch touchscreen display that is easy to read, even in sunlight. With dual-orientation, you can position the navigator horizontally, for a wider view, or vertically, to see more of the route ahead. And, thanks to its high-sensitivity, glove-friendly, intuitive interface, entering information is as easy as shifting gears.

The Power of Bluetooth
zūmo 590LM features Bluetooth wireless technology. With it, you’re free to talk on your phone without having to remove your gloves or helmet. Simply connect zūmo to your cell phone and a Bluetooth-enabled headset or helmet to make and receive calls. You can also call points of interest through the zūmo Bluetooth interface – perfect for last-minute change of plans or a quick stop for food and fuel.

Getting Started

Installing the Battery
Mounting Your Device in a Motorcycle
Mounting Your Device in an Automobile
Removing Your Device from the Motorcycle Mount
Support and Updates
Entering and Exiting Sleep Mode
Turning Off the Device
Adjusting the Screen Brightness
Adjusting the Volume
Status Bar Icons
Using the On-Screen Buttons
Using the On-Screen Keyboard
About Shortcuts

Finding Locations

Search Tools
Saving a Home Location
Finding Recently Found Destinations
Finding Parking
Setting a Simulated Location
Saving Locations


Starting a Route
Your Route on the Map
About Up Ahead
Avoiding Road Features
About Custom Avoidances
Navigating Off Road
Fuel Tracking

Map Pages

Customizing the Map
Viewing Route Activity
Viewing Current Location Information

Hands-Free Features

Enabling Bluetooth Wireless Technology
About Wireless Headsets
About Hands-Free Calling
Pairing Additional Bluetooth Devices
Deleting a Paired Bluetooth Device

Using the Apps

Using Help
Smartphone Link
Planning a Trip
Creating a Round-Trip Route
Media Player
Pandora Service
Tire Pressure
Using the Compass
VIRB Remote
Finding Your Last Parking Spot
Viewing Previous Routes and Destinations
Logging Service History
Viewing the Weather Forecast
Viewing myGarmin Messages


Traffic on Your Route
Traffic in Your Area
Understanding Traffic Data
About Traffic Cameras

Data Management

Data Management
File Types
About Memory Cards
Connecting the Device to Your Computer
Transferring Data From Your Computer
Deleting Files

Customizing the Device

Map and Vehicle Settings
Navigation Settings
Display Settings
Bluetooth Settings
Traffic Settings
Units and Time Settings
Language and Keyboard Settings
Device and Privacy Settings
Proximity Alerts Settings
Restoring Settings


Power Cables
Device Care
Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle Power Cable
Mounting on Your Dashboard
Removing the Device, Mount, and Suction Cup
Purchasing Additional Maps
Safety Cameras
Custom Points of Interest
Purchasing Accessories

Device Information



My device is not acquiring satellite signals
The device does not charge in my vehicle
My battery does not stay charged for very long
The battery gauge does not seem accurate
My device does not appear as a removable drive on my computer
My device does not appear as a portable device on my computer
My device does not appear as either a portable device or a removable drive or volume on my computer

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