Garmin nüvi 2200, 2240, 2250, 2300, 2310, 2340, 2350, 2360LT, 2370 2440, 2450, 2460LT GPS Owner’s Manual

The voice-activated widescreen nüvi 2360LT comes with free lifetime traffic. It has a dual-orientation screen that displays vertically or horizontally and includes hands-free calling, lane assist with junction view, trafficTrends historical traffic, myTrends predictive routing, and ecoRoute.

Getting Started

Connecting the Device to Vehicle Power
Mounting the Device
About myDashboard
Device Overview

Main Menu

Using the Main Menu
About Main Menu Customization
Choosing a Main Menu

Finding Locations

About Points of Interest
Setting a Home Location
Location Searches
Using the Location Map
Planning a Trip
Editing a Trip Itinerary

Voice Command

About Voice Commands

Map Pages

Viewing the Map While Navigating

Hands-Free Phone Calls

About Pairing the Devices

Using the Tools

Viewing Current Location Information
Using Help
About ecoRoute
Using the Picture Viewer
Using the World Clock
Using the Calculator
Capturing Screenshots
Using the Unit Converter


Subscription Activation
Traffic Receiver
Receiving Traffic Information
Traffic on Your Route
Adding a Subscription
About Offers

Data Management

File Types
About Memory Cards
Transferring Files To Your Computer
Deleting Files

Customizing the Device

System Settings
Navigation Settings
Route Preferences
Display Settings
Language Settings
Viewing Map Information
Bluetooth Settings
Enabling Traffic
Restoring Settings


Power Cables
About GPS Satellite Signals
Caring for Your Device
Locking the Device
Erasing User Data
Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle Power Cable
Mounting on Your Dashboard
Removing the Device, Cradle, and Mount
About nüMaps Lifetime
Purchasing Additional Maps
Custom Points of Interest
Purchasing Accessories
Contacting Garmin Product Support

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