Garmin nüLink! 1695 LIVE GPS Owner’s Manual

nüLink! 1695 has an intuitive interface that greets you with 2 simple options: “Where To?” and “View Map.” Touch the color screen to easily look up addresses and services and get voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speak street names to your destination. It comes preloaded with detailed City Navigator NT street maps for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, nearly 6 million POIs, 2-D or 3-D maps, and speed limits for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe. And with HotFix®satellite prediction, nüvi calculates your position faster to get you there quicker.

Getting Started

About Your Device
Using the Main Menu
About the Main Menu Toolbar
Setting Up Your Device
Transportation Modes
Adjusting the Screen Brightness
Locking the Screen
Powering Off Your Device
Resetting Your Device
Adjusting the Volume
Navigating the Screens
Using the On-Screen Keyboard
About Points of Interest
Navigating Off Road
Taking a Detour
Stopping the Route

Finding Locations

Finding an Address
Using the Go! Page
Setting a Home Location
Viewing a List of Recently Found Locations
Finding a Destination Using Phone Book Listings
Finding Fuel Prices
Checking Movie Times
Finding Local Events
Finding Parking
Finding an Intersection
About Favorites
Planning a Trip
Using the Map Buttons
Browsing the Map by Touching the Screen
Sending Found Places to Your Device
Simulating a Route to a Location
Entering Coordinates
About the Map Pages
Viewing the Map While Navigating
Viewing Trip Information
Viewing the Turn List
Viewing the Next Turn
Viewing the Junction View
Using the Pedestrian Navigation Map

About Traffic

About the Traffic Icon
Traffic on Your Route
Viewing the Traffic Map
Searching for Traffic Delays
Disabling Traffic
About Offers

About nüLink! Services

Purchasing Additional nüLink! Services
Checking Your nüLink! Store Account Status
Renewing nüLink! Services
Viewing myGarmin Messages
About Safety Cameras

About the Hands-Free Features

Pairing Using Your Phone Settings
Receiving a Call
Using the Device During a Call
Accessing the Phone Menu

About Ciao!

About Ciao! Networks
Enabling Ciao!
About the Ciao! Friend List
Updating Your Ciao! Status Message
Updating Your Ciao! Status Message on Social Networking Sites
Changing Your Ciao! Visibility
Accepting or Declining a Ciao! Invitation
Inviting a Friend by Phone Number
Inviting a Friend by E-mail Address
Viewing a Friend’s Ciao! Details
Viewing the Location of a Friend
Removing a Friend
Disabling Ciao!

Data Management

Compatible File Types
About Memory Cards
Connecting Your Device to Your Computer
Transferring Files to Your Computer
Deleting Files from Your Device

Using the Tools

Accessing the Device Settings
Viewing Current Location Information
Using Help
About ecoRoute
Using ecoRoute
Viewing Weather Information
Viewing Flight Information
Using the Picture Viewer
Using the Currency Converter
Using the World Clock
Using the Calculator
Using the Unit Converter

Customizing the Device

System Settings
Automobile Navigation Settings
Changing the Map Perspective
Proximity Points Settings
Route Preferences
About trafficTrends
About myTrends
Pedestrian Navigation Settings
Display Settings
Language Settings
Restoring the Original Device Settings


About GPS Satellite Signals
Caring for Your Device
Enabling Garmin Lock
Calibrating the Screen
Clearing User Data
Battery Information
Mounting on Your Dashboard
Removing the Device and Mount
nüMaps Guarantee
nüMaps Lifetime
Purchasing Additional Maps
About Extras
Garmin Travel Guide
Contacting Garmin Product Support
Registering Your Device
Updating the Software

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