Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Scanner Operator’s Guide

Take document scanning to a whole new level with the ScanSnap S1300i. Whether you’re at home digitizing receipts, bank statements or term papers, or at the office capturing mission critical documents for a business trip, ScanSnap takes scanning beyond the desktop and into your world.

This manual consists of the following:

ScanSnap Overview

This chapter explains the features of the ScanSnap, the overview of ScanSnap Manager, and basic operations.

Installing the Software

This chapter explains about the software bundled with the ScanSnap, system requirements and installation procedures.

Using the ScanSnap (for Windows Users)/Using the ScanSnap (for Mac OS Users)

This chapter explains how to perform scanning and how to set the ScanSnap Manager.


This chapter provides references for resolving troubles such as removing jammed documents.

Daily Care

This chapter explains about the cleaning materials and how to clean the ScanSnap.


This chapter explains how to replace the consumables.


This appendix explains how to update ScanSnap Manager, how to uninstall the software, settings that differ by scanning methods, and the ScanSnap installation specifications.

About Maintenance

Contact your FUJITSU scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider for repairs on this product.

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