Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Scanner Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing ScanSnap S1300i (hereinafter referred to as “the ScanSnap”). This manual describes the preparation required for use of the ScanSnap. Follow the preparation procedures described in this manual.

For details about ScanSnap functions and features, basic operation, daily care, and consumable replacement, refer to the Operator’s Guide (PDF) which is available on the Setup DVD-ROM. Keep this manual in a safe place so that you can refer to it at any time when using the ScanSnap.

Connecting the ScanSnap

1. Select a power cable depending on where you want to use the ScanSnap.

To use the ScanSnap at a fixed location:

Use the power cable to connect to an AC outlet.
For details about connection, refer to “Using the Power Cable” (page 6) in Step 3.

To use the ScanSnap outside with your laptop computer, or in a place where there are no AC outlets nearby:
Use the USB bus power cable to connect to your computer.
For details about connection, refer to “Using the USB Bus Power Cable” (page 6) in Step 3.

2. Remove the tape seal covering the USB connector and power connector of the ScanSnap.

3. Connect the cables to the ScanSnap.

4. Open the ADF paper chute (cover) of the ScanSnap.

5. Check the ScanSnap Manager icon.

Scan Test

For details about the documents that can be scanned with the ScanSnap and how to load documents, refer to “ScanSnap Overview” in the Operator’s Guide.

1. Load a document in the ScanSnap.

2. Press the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap.

3. In the Quick Menu, click the icon of the application to link with ScanSnap Manager.

Check that ScanSnap Manager is linked with the application that was selected in the Quick Menu.

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