Fujifilm X-T1 Digital Camera Owner’s Manual

Black is not the only color that suits high-perfomance cameras. In pursuit of classic styling and the age when cameras had their own unique refinements, a leading-edge, multi-layer coating has been added to the original FUJIFILM X-T1 body, creating a camera to thrill photographers with an eye for beauty.

With its high-resolution 2.36million dot OLED display, and the world’s highest magnification ratio of 0.77x, the FUJIFILM X-T1′s Real Time Viewfinder allows a true connection to your subject and a purely immersive shooting experience. The viewfinder achieves a wide angle of view of 31°, and with the display’s lag time of just 0.005 sec – less that a tenth of conventional cameras – you’ll immediately see any changes to your composition, keeping you in touch with whatever you’re shooting.

Before You Begin

Symbols and Conventions
Supplied Accessories
Parts of the Camera

First Steps

Attaching the Strap
Attaching a Lens
Charging the Battery
Inserting the Battery
Inserting a Memory Card
Turning the Camera on and Off
Basic Setup
Display Settings
The DISP/BACK Button

Basic Photography and Playback

Taking Photographs
Viewing Pictures
Deleting Pictures

Basic Movie Recording and Playback

Recording High-Defi nition (HD) Movies
Using an External Microphone
Viewing Movies

The Q (Quick Menu) Button

Using the Q Button
The Self-Timer
Flash Photography
Intelligent Face Detection

The Fn (Function) Buttons

Default Roles
Bracketing and Advanced Filters (Fn1)
Advanced Filters
Wireless Options (Fn2)
Macro Mode (Fn3)
Film Simulation (Fn4)
White Balance (Fn5)
Focus-Frame Selection (Fn6)

More on Photography and Playback

Choosing an Exposure Mode
Exposure Compensation
The DRIVE Dial
Focus Mode

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