EVGA Z170 Stinger Motherboard User Guide

The EVGA Z170 Stinger motherboard is engineered to exceed the best. Featuring a next generation Intel Z170 Express Chipset with DDR4 3200MHz+ memory support, this motherboard is built to perform. Four native SATA 6G ports, eight native USB 3.0 provide robust storage and I/O options, and the mITX form factor allows for an extremely compact performance system.

Table of Contents

Before you Begin
Parts Not in the kit
Intentions of the kit
Motherboard Specifications
Unpacking and Parts Descriptions
Component legend
PCI-E Slot Breakdown
Rear I/O Panel legend
Preparing the Motherboard
Installing the CPU
Installing the Cooling Device
Installing System Memory (DIMMs)
Installing the Motherboard
Installing the I/O Shield/Cover
Securing the Motherboard to the case
Connecting Cables
24 Pin ATX Power
EPS 8 Pin 12v Power
Connecting Internal Headers
Front Panel Header
Fan Header
USB Headers
Front Panel Audio
S/PDIF Header
Thunderbolt GPIO
Probe It
SATA3/6G & SATA Express
6pin PCI-E
PCI-E and M.2 Slots
Onboard Buttons
Clear CMOS Button
Reset and Power button
Post Debug LED and LED Status Indicators
Post Port Debug LED
LED Status Indicators
Installing Drivers and Software
Windows 10/8/7 Driver Installation
POST Codes
Glossary of Terms
Compliance Information

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