Epson WorkForce DS-70000, DS-60000, DS-50000 Color Document Scanner User Guide

Now, your workgroup can take advantage of ultra-fast 2-sided scanning of critical business documents. The WorkForce DS-70000 delivers surprising speeds, racing through 2-sided documents in just one pass, scanning everything from 2.7″ x 4.7″ up to 11.7″ x 100″. Use the 200-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) to quickly scan stacks of one- or 2-sided, large-size documents. Or, use the 11.7″ x 17″ flatbed to scan drawings or maps, hard-bound books or other odd-sized items. The WorkForce DS-70000 blazes through each task at speeds up to 70 ppm /140 ipm. And, it consistently delivers vivid colors and crisp, sharp text thanks to its 4 line CCD sensor (RGB and black). It even makes it easy to dropout selected colors or choose a color and convert it to black. With this versatile performer, you get high-volume, precision document imaging. Plus, with productivity software included and the optional networking module, each member of your team can access high performance scanning for critical project needs.

Guide to the Product Parts

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Placing Originals on the Product

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How to Scan

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Using the Network Interface Panel

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Software Information

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