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About Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator Guidebook

This guide contains Important information, Examples, Switching the calculator on and off, Display contrast, Home screen, 2nd functions, Modes, Multi-tap keys, Menus, Scrolling expressions and history, Answer toggle, Last answer, Order of operations, Clearing and correcting, Fractions, Percentages, EE key, Powers, roots and inverses, Pi, Math, Number functions, Angles, Rectangular to polar, Trigonometry, Hyperbolics, Logarithm and exponential functions, Numeric derivative, Numeric integral, Stored operations, Memory and stored variables, Data editor and list formulas, Statistics, regressions, and distributions, Probability, Function table, Matrices, Vectors, Solvers, Number bases, Expression evaluation, Constants, Conversions, Complex numbers, Errors, Battery information, In case of difficulty, Texas Instruments Support and Service.

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