Dell C7765dn Color Multifunction Printer User’s Guide

Maximize productivity with a robust multifunction printer featuring enhanced document solutions, enterprise-level security and exceptional service.

1 Before Using the Machine

Types of Manuals
Using This Guide
Technical Support
About License
Legal Notice

2 Product Overview

Machine Components
Power Source
Circuit Breaker
Power Saver Mode
Control Panel
About the [Home] Screen
Entering Text
Installing the Tray Attachment on the Finisher-B1

3 Copy

Copying Procedure
Operations during Copying
Simple Copy
Image Quality
Layout Adjustment
Output Format
Job Assembly

4 Fax

Fax Procedure
Operations during Faxing

5 Scan

Scanning Procedure
Operations during Scanning

6 Job Flow Sheets

Job Flow Procedure
Selecting/Changing a Job Flow Sheet

7 Stored Programming

Stored Programming Overview
Registering/Deleting/Renaming Stored Programs
Calling a Stored Program

8 Web Applications

Web Applications Overview
Accessing Web Applications
Accessing Using Buttons Registered on the [Home] Screen

9 Media Print (Text and Photos)

Overview of Media Print
Inserting USB Memory Device
Media Print – Text
Media Print – Photos
Selecting the Printing Options

10 Job Status

Job Status Overview
Checking Current/Pending Jobs
Checking Completed Jobs
Printing and Deleting Stored Jobs
Printing Pending Jobs
Handling Error Terminations
11 Computer Operations
Features Overview

12 Paper and Other Media

Paper Types
Loading Paper
Changing the Paper Size
Changing the Paper Settings

13 Maintenance

Replacing Consumables
Cleaning the Machine
Executing Calibration
Printing a Report/List
Deleting a Private Charge Print Job with an Invalid User ID
Setting Restore Tool

14 Machine Status

Overview of Machine Status
Machine Information
Billing Information

15 Tools

System Settings Procedure
Tools Menu List
Common Service Settings
Copy Service Settings
Connectivity & Network Setup
Print Service Settings
Scan Service Settings
Fax Service Settings
E-mail/Internet Fax Service Settings
Address Book Settings
Folder Service Settings
Job Flow Service Settings
Media Print Service Settings
Stored File Settings
Web Applications Service Setup
Web Browser Setup
Authentication/Security Settings

16 Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool Settings

Installation of Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool
Starting Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool
Configuring Machine Settings Using Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool

17 Printer Environment Settings

Print Overview
Installation When Using USB Port
Installation When Using TCP/IP (LPD/Port 9100)
Installation When Using NetWare
Installation When Using Microsoft Network (SMB)
Installation When Using Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
Installation When Using EtherTalk

18 E-mail Environment Settings

E-mail Overview
Installation Procedures

19 Scanner Environment Settings

Scan Service Overview
Configuration of Store to Folder
Configuration of Scan to PC
Configuration of Store to USB
Configuration of Job Flow Sheets
Configuration of Store & Send Link
Configuration of Store to WSD

20 Using the Internet Fax Service

Internet Fax Overview
Installation Procedures

21 Encryption and Digital Signature Settings

Encryption and Digital Signature Overview
Configuration of HTTP Communications Encryption
Configuration of Encryption using IPSec
Configuration of E-mail Encryption/Digital Signature
Configuration of PDF/XPS Signature

22 Authentication and Accounting Features

Overview of Authentication and Accounting Feature
Services Controlled by Authentication
Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Folders
Jobs Manageable by Account Administration
Configuration for Authentication
Configuration for Account Administration
User Authentication Operations

23 Problem Solving

Machine Trouble
Image Quality Trouble
Trouble during Copying
Trouble during Printing
Trouble during Faxing
Trouble during Scanning
Network-related Problems
Media Print – Text Trouble
Media Print – Photos Trouble
Status Code
Paper Jams
Document Jams
Stapler Faults

24 Install Operation for Eco copy/My Forms/Shortcut Menu

Before Installation
Installation Procedures
About License

25 Install Operation for Access Google Drive

Before Installation
Installation Procedures
About License

26 Using Eco copy

About Eco copy
Eco copy Procedure
Problem Solving
Notes and Restrictions

27 Using My Forms

About My Forms
Using My Forms
Problem Solving
Notes and Restrictions

28 Using Shortcut Menu

About Shortcut Menu
Checking Your Environment
Shortcut Menu Settings
Problem Solving
Notes and Restrictions

29 Using Access Google Drive

About Access Google Drive
Using Google Drive from the Machine
Settings by a System Administrator
Entering Text
Problem Solving
Notes and Restrictions
About License

30 Google Cloud Print

About Google Cloud Print
Environment Settings
Problem Solving
Notes and Restrictions

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