Dell B2375dfw, B2375dnf Mono Multifunction Printer Quick Reference Guide

About Your Printer

Operator Panel
Document Width Guide
Document Output Tray
Control Board Cover
Output Tray
Tray 1
Paper Output Extension
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF)
Document Input Tray
Document Glass
USB Memory Port
Front Cover
Multipurpose Feeder (MPF)
Toner Cartridge

Operator Panel Button Functions

1. Home – Go to home screen.
2. Log In/Out – You can log in or log out.
3. Status LED – Status LED indicates the status of your machine.
4. Redial/Pause – Redials the recently sent fax number or received caller ID in ready mode,
or inserts a pause(-) into a fax number in edit mode.
5. Copy – Start copy job using copy default setting regardless of which screen the user is in if it is selected.
6. Power Saver – You can enter or exit Power Save mode.
7. Speed Dial1 – Fax image to destination from stored speed dial1.
8. Speed Dial2 – Fax image to destination from stored speed dial2.
9. Wi-Fi/WPS (Dell B2375dfw Mono MFP only) – Configures the wireless network connection easily without a computer.
10. Job Status – Job status shows the jobs currently running and in queue.
11. Info РGives detailed information about product feature guide machine’s info. reports, troubleshooting guide, and quick reference guide.

Loading Letterhead

Load the letterhead in the printer with the print-side facing up. Ensure that the title on the letterhead enters the printer first.

Loading Envelopes

Load envelopes in the printer as shown below:

When Loading Envelope #10, DL, or Monarch
To prevent DL and Monarch from getting wrinkled, they are recommended to be loaded with the print-side facing up,
flap opened, and facing you.

When Loading C5

Identifying the Location of Paper Jams

The paper jams may occur at any of the locations shown below:

CAUTION: To avoid permanent damage to your printer, do not attempt to clear paper jams using any tools or

Printing the Printer Setting

1. Press My Settings > Machine Setup > Reports > Printer Settings from the home screen.
2. Press Start on screen.
3. The Printer Settings page prints out.

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