Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer User Guide

Discover excellent print quality, exceptional value and outstanding reliability with the blazing-fast Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer.

Before Beginning

Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer User’sGuide
Finding Information
About the Printer

Setting Up the Printer (Printer Setup)

Prepare Printer Hardware
Install Optional Accessories (ifapplicable)
Connect Printer to Computer or Network
Perform Initial Settings
Install Printer Drivers on the WindowsComputers
Install the PPD File on MacintoshComputers

Using Your Printer

Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool
Print Media Guidelines
Loading Print Media
Operator Panel

Know Your Printer

Printer Settings
Understanding the Tool Box Menus
Understanding the Printer Menus
Understanding Your Printer Software
Printing Using ColorTrack (ExternalAuthentication)
Using Digital Certificates
Understanding Fonts
Understanding Printer Messages
Printing With Web Services on Devices(WSD)
Printing With UX Filter (UNIX)
Printing With CUPS (Linux)
Printer Specifications

Maintaining Your Printer

Maintaining Your Printer
Removing Options
Clearing Jams


Basic Printer Problems
Display Problems
Printing Problems
Print Quality Problems
Jam/Alignment Problems
Digital Certificate Problem
Problems with Installed Optional Accessories
Other Problems
Contacting Service


Dell Technical Support
Policy Warranty and Return Policy
Contacting Dell

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