Casio XJ-H1650, XJ-H1750, XJ-ST145, XJ-ST155 Projectors USB Function Guide

This manual explains function and operations when any one of the following devices is connected to the USB port of the CASIO Data Projector.
- USB memory device
- CASIO Multi Projection Camera (YC-400/YC-430)
- CASIO Graphing Calculator (fx-9860G Series)

About the Data Projector’s USB Functions

Connecting a USB Device to the Data Projector

Installing the Software

Minimum System Requirements
To install EZ-Converter FA
To install ArcSoft MediaConverter 3 for CASIO Projector
Installing Multi Projection Camera Update Software

Projecting the Contents of Files on a Memory Device

Using EZ-Converter FA to Convert PowerPoint Files to ECA or PtG Files
Using ArcSoft MediaConverter 3 for CASIO Projector
Using Viewer to Project the Contents of a File on a Memory Device
Viewer Troubleshooting
Viewer Error Messages

Performing a Presentation Using the YC-400/YC-430 Document Camera

YC Camera Application Function and Operation Overview
YC Camera Application Operations

Projecting the Screen Image of a Graphing Calculator

To project the screen image of a graphing calculator

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