Casio PRIZM fx-CG10, fx-CG20 Calculators Hardware User Guide

Precautions when Using this Calculator

A progress bar and/or a busy indicator appear on the display whenever the calculator is performing a calculation, writing to memory, or reading from memory.

Never press the RESTART button or remove the batteries from the calculator when the progress bar or busy indicator is on the display. Doing so can cause memory contents to be lost and can cause malfunction of the calculator.

The calculator is equipped with flash memory for data storage. It is recommended that you always backup your data to flash memory. For details about the backup procedure, see “Using the Memory Manager” (page 11-1) in the separate Software User’s Guide.

You can also transfer backup files (page 11-11) to a computer by establishing a USB connection between the calculator and a computer. For information about transferring files from a computer to the calculator, see “Chapter 13 Data Communication” in the separate Software User’s Guide.

Display Brightness

You can select a display brightness value in the range of 1 (least bright) to 5 (brightest). The initial factory default brightness setting is 3.

The brightness level will change to 1 (least bright) automatically if you do not perform any operation on the calculator for about 30 seconds. Performing an operation will return display brightness to the level specified by the current setting value.

For details about how to configure the display brightness setting, see “Chapter 12 System Manager” in the separate Software User’s Guide.

Battery Life

Battery life is affected by the display brightness and backlight duration settings. Battery life is also affected by how the calculator is used. Using a program to execute a long series of calculations, for example, will shorten battery life.

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