Casio KL-60L Label Printer User Guide

Casio’s KL-60L Label Printer makes it easy to print labels for home, school, and office use. Easy to use QWERTY keyboards makes creating labels simple and fast. Includes a 4-digit, 1 line, LCD display with one built-in font and 6 character sizes. With a resolution of 160 DPI, the KL-60L can print in three sizes (12mm, 9mm, 6mm).

Part 1 Getting Acquainted

Important Precautions
General Guide
Label Printer Menus

Part 2 Getting Ready

Power Supply
Replacing Batteries
Turning Power On and Off
Resetting the Memory
Auto Power Off Function
Tape Cartridges
Tape Width Specification

Part 3 Inputting Characters and Symbols

Display Symbols and Indicators
Basic Alpha-Numeric Input
About the CODE key
Special Symbols

Part 4 Deleting and Inserting Characters

Moving the Cursor
Deleting Individual Characters
Clearing the Display
Text Editing

Part 5 Character Size and Text Effects

Character Size
Text Effects

Part 6 Printing

Printing a Tape
Mirror Image Printing
Other Printing Features and Operations
Print Density
Manual Feed

Part 7 Memory

To store text into memory
To recall text from memory

Part 8 Reference

Cleaning the Printer Head and Roller
Initial Power On Settings
Initializing the Label Printer
Error Messages
Alpha Characters

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