Casio fx-9860GII SD, fx-9860GII, fx-9860GII s, fx-9860G AU PLUS, fx-9750GII, fx-7400GII Calculators Hardware User Guide

REF/RREF Function, Random Integers, Unit Conversion, New types of regressions, Chi-squared GOF function, 9 new probability functions, Pie charts & Bar Graphs, Graph X=f(Y), And much more! (not C.A.S.)

Using the Backlight (fx-9860GII SD/fx-9860GII/fx-9860GII s/fx-9860G AU PLUS only)

Your calculator is equipped with a backlight for easy reading, even in the dark. You can conserve battery power by limiting backlight operation to only when you need it.


Should the calculator start to act abnormally, you can restart it by pressing the RESTART button. Note, however, that you should only use the RESTART button only as a last resort.

Normally, pressing the RESTART button reboots the calculator’s operating system, so programs, graph functions and other data in calculator memory is retained.


Use reset when you want to delete all data currently in calculator memory and return all mode settings to their initial defaults.

Before performing the reset operation, first make a written copy of all important data. For details, see “Reset” (page 12-3) in the separate Software User’s Guide.

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