Casio EX-ZR2000 Digital Camera User Guide

Taking selfies couldn’t be easier with a Tilt-type LCD that opens 180 degrees and a Front Shutter feature that lets you comfortably snap pictures from any position. Add to that a Motion Shutter that takes pictures with a wave of the hand and you have a whole new level of picture-taking fun.

Quick Start Basics

What you can do with your CASIO camera
Tilting the Monitor Screen
First, charge the battery prior to use.
Configuring Basic Settings the First Time You Turn On the Camera
Preparing a Memory Card
Turning the Camera On and Off
Holding the Camera Correctly
To shoot a snapshot
Viewing Snapshots
Deleting Snapshots and Movies
Snapshot Shooting Precautions

Snapshot Tutorial

Selecting the Recording Mode
Using the Control Panel to Configure Camera Settings
Shooting with Zoom
Shooting a Burst of Images (CS)
Triggering a Self-timer Operation with Motion (Motion Shutter)
Shooting with Artistic Effects (Art Shot)
Shooting Multiple Images Over a Specified Period (Interval Shot)
Shooting with Triple Shot

Recording Movies

To record a movie
Recording a High Speed Movie
Using Prerecord Movie (Prerecord (Movie))
Recording a Time Lapse Movie (Time Lapse)
Shooting a Snapshot while Shooting a Movie (Snapshot In Movie)


To shoot with BEST SHOT
Creating and Using Your Own Setups (Custom Shot)
Recording Beautiful Portraits (Make-up)
Shooting Three Versions of an Image with Different Skin Tone Settings (Make-up BKT)
Digitally Correcting for Overexposure and Underexposure (HDR)
Shooting with a Blurred Background (Blurred Background)
Shooting a Panorama Image (Slide Panorama)
Shooting with a Super Wide Angle of View (Wide Shot)
Using a TV Screen to Shoot Snapshots (HDMI TV Output)

Advanced Settings (REC MENU)

Using the Menu Screen to Configure Recording Settings

Viewing Snapshots and Movies

Viewing Snapshots
Viewing a Movie
Viewing a Panorama Image
Viewing Continuous Shutter Images
Zooming an On-screen Image
Displaying the Image Menu
Viewing Snapshots and Movies on a TV Screen

Other Playback Functions (PLAY MENU)

Using the Menu Screen to Select a Playback Operation and Configure Settings

Connecting the Camera with a Smartphone (Wireless Connection)

Controlling Your Camera with a Smartphone
Using a Wireless Mode
Getting Ready to Establish a Connection between a Smartphone and Your Camera
Using a Smartphone as a Camera Remote Controller (Shoot with phone)
Sending a Snapshot or Movie File from Camera Memory to a Smartphone (Send Selected Image)
Configuring the Front Shutter Button to Send Images (Quick Send)
Viewing Snapshots and Movies in Camera Memory on a Smartphone (View on phone)
Configuring Wireless Connection Settings


Printing Snapshots
Using DPOF to Specify Images to be Printed and the Number of Copies (DPOF Printing)

Using the Camera with a Computer

Things you can do using a computer
Using the Camera with a Windows Computer
Using the Camera with a Macintosh
Files and Folders
Memory Card Data

Other Settings (SETTING)

Using the Menu Screen to Configure Other Settings


Safety Precautions
Precautions During Use
Power Supply
Using a Memory Card
Reset Initial Default Settings
When things don’t go right
Number of Snapshots/Movie Recording Time

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