Casio ClassPad 330 PLUS Calculator Hardware User Guide

Uses an intuitive pull-down menu interface that simplifies even complex operations. Solutions, expressions and other items can be selected with the tap of the stylus. Supports drag and drop within and between applications, copy and paste and other pen-based operations that help minimize key operations. Versatile graphing tools for 3D graphing and drawing of geometric figures, which provides plenty of support for the math studies of students.

Chapter 1 Getting Ready

1-1 Unpacking
1-2 Attaching and Removing the Front Cover
1-3 Using the Stylus
1-4 Replacing Batteries and Setting Up the ClassPad
1-5 Handling Precautions
1-6 Adjusting Display Contrast
1-7 Configuring Power Properties
1-8 Optimizing “Flash ROM”
1-10 Adjusting Touch Panel Alignment
1-11 Battery Settings

Chapter 2 Performing Data Communication

2-1 Data Communication Overview
2-2 Connecting the ClassPad to Another Device
2-3 Configuring Communication Parameters
2-4 Transferring Data to Another ClassPad Unit
2-5 Transferring Data between ClassPad and a Computer
2-6 VCP and XCP File Operations
2-7 Projecting ClassPad Screen Contents from a Projector


1 Resetting and Initializing the ClassPad
2 Deleting an Application
3 Power Supply
4 Number of Digits and Precision
5 Specifications

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