Canon XF200, XF205 Professional Camcorders Instruction Manual

The Canon XF205 Professional Camcorder is a compact, high-performance, high image quality system ideal for use with a variety of digital cinema and broadcast operations. Targeted at sports production, TV variety shows, commercials and drama shows, in addition to independent movie production, government APPLICATIONS, education, weddings and other social event videography, the camcorder features a wide-angle 20x optical zoom lens with three control rings, image stabilization, infrared capabilities, flexible MXF/MP4 dual recording at various data rates, two/four-channel audio recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, plus 3G-SDI and monitor outputs as well as time code and genlock connections.

1. Introduction

About this Manual
Supplied Accessories
Names of Parts

2. Preparations

Preparing the Power Supply
Date, Time and Language Settings
Using the Menus
Preparing the Camcorder
Preparing Recording Media
Remote Operation of the Camcorder

3. Recording

Recording Video
Video Configuration: Movie Format, Bit Rate, Resolution and Frame Rate
Changing Main Camera Functions with the Joystick
Shutter Speed
White Balance
Using Optional Conversion Lenses
Adjusting the Focus
Image Stabilizer
Onscreen Markers and Zebra Patterns
Setting the Time Code
Setting the User Bit
Synchronizing with an External Device
Recording Audio
Colors Bars/Audio Reference Signal
Video Scopes
Adding Marks to MXF Clips while Recording
Using Metadata
Recording GPS Information (Geotagging)
Reviewing a Recording
File Numbering
Special Recording Modes
Simultaneous Recording of MXF and MP4 Clips
Infrared Recording
Using the Focal Length Guide

4. Customization

Assignable Buttons
Custom Picture Settings
Customizing Functions and Onscreen Displays
Saving and Loading Camera Settings

5. Playback

Clip Operations

6. External Connections

Video Output Configuration
Connecting to an External Monitor
Audio Output
Saving Clips to a Computer

7. Network Functions

About the Network Functions
Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
Connecting to a Wired (Ethernet) Network
Selecting a Network Connection
Changing Network Settings
Browser Remote: Controlling the Camcorder from a Network Device
Real-Time Proxy Transfer
FTP File Transfer
IP Streaming
Playback via Browser

8. Photos

Taking Photos
Photo Playback
Deleting Photos

9. Additional Information

Menu Options
Displaying the Status Screens
Handling Precautions
Optional Accessories

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