Canon VIXIA mini X Camcorder Instruction Manual

The latest member of the popular VIXIA mini series of pocket-sized camcorders, the new Canon VIXIA mini X offers a number of important professional features to ensure that your productions contain the highest audio and video quality. Key innovations include a large, built-in stereo microphone for clear recording with minimal noise using enhanced Linear PCM 16-bit audio at a 48 kHz sample rate, together with full-format 1920 x 1080 HD videos in both MP4 and AVCHD (60i) formats recorded to SD media. A variable-angle LCD with a built-in stand simplifies place-and-shoot recordings or self-shoot productions, with one-touch switching between Wide and Close-up modes. Electronic image stabilization helps reduce camera shake when shooting close-up during handheld shoots, while advanced built-in Wi-Fi functions now support live remote streaming to video monitors for surveillance and other applications, in addition to conventional HDMI output to large-screen TVs. A new, enhanced battery offers 2.5-times the record time of previous models for extended shooting time.

Important Usage Instructions

About this Manual and Camcorder

The Camcorder’s Functions in Real-Life Situations

Unique functions for special cases
Getting the look you want
Challenging subjects and shooting conditions
Playback, editing and others
Wireless functions

Getting to Know the Camcorder

Supplied Accessories
Names of Parts


Charging the Battery Pack
Using a Memory Card
First Time Settings
Basic Operation of the Camcorder
Selecting the Movie Recording Format (AVCHD/MP4)

Basic Recording and Playback

Basic Recording
Basic Playback

Advanced Functions

Video Quality and Shooting Modes
Special Recording Modes
Convenient Functions
Recording Audio
When You Want More Control

External Connections

Terminals on the Camcorder
Saving and Sharing Your Recordings

Wi-Fi Functions

Overview of the Camcorder’s Wi-Fi Functions
The Camcorder’s Wi-Fi Functions
Wi-Fi Connection and Settings

Additional Information

Appendix: Menu Options Lists
Appendix: Onscreen Icons and Displays
Do’s and Don’ts
General Information
Reference Tables

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