Canon PowerShot N, PowerShot N Facebook ready Digital Cameras User Guide

The new PowerShot N opens up a new dimension of photographic expression, helping you express your personal style and flair with powerful innovative Canon technologies. The PowerShot N features an entirely new design, sporting a functional sleek shape. Shutter and zoom rings enable quick, intuitive operation, and a new 2.8-inch tilt-type capacitive touch screen offers amazing photographic flexibility; shoot diagonally, horizontally, from low angles or high for versatile expression. The camera features a new Creative Shot mode for artistic image capture, automatically creating an additional five unique images every time you take a shot.

1. Camera Basics

Shutter Ring
Holding the Camera
Shooting Display Options
FUNC. Menu
Indicator Display

2. Creative Shot Mode

Shooting (Creative Shot)

3. Auto Mode/Hybrid Auto Mode

Shooting With Camera-Determined Settings
Common, Convenient Features
Using Face ID
Image Customization Features
Helpful Shooting Features
Customizing Camera Operation

4. Other Shooting Modes

Applying Special Effects
Shooting Super Slow Motion Movies

5. P Mode

Shooting in Program AE ([P] Mode)
Image Brightness (Exposure Compensation)
Adjusting White Balance
Continuous Shooting
Activating Flash
Table of Contents Changing the IS Mode Settings

6. Playback Mode

Browsing and Filtering Images
Editing Face ID Information
Image Viewing Options
Erasing Images
Rotating Images
Tagging Images as Favorites
Convenient Control: Touch Actions
Editing Still Images
Editing Movies

7. Wi-Fi Functions

What You Can Do With Wi-Fi
Using Wi-Fi to Send Images From the Camera
Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Precautions
Security Precautions
Connecting to a Smartphone
Accessing the Wi-Fi Menu
Connecting to Web Services
Connecting to Another Camera
Connecting to a Computer
Connecting to a Printer
Sending Images
Sending Images to a Computer via CANON iMAGE GATEWAY
Geotagging Images on the Camera
Editing or Erasing Wi-Fi Settings

8. Setting Menu

Adjusting Basic Camera Functions

9. Accessories

Optional Accessories
Using Optional Accessories
Printing Images

10. Appendix

On-Screen Messages
On-Screen Information
Functions and Menu Tables
Handling Precautions

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