Canon PIXMA MX492 Printer User Manual (Mac)

Before Using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center is a service that links with the cloud function of the printer and allows you to perform operations such as registering and managing apps from your smartphone or tablet device, and checking the print status, print error, and ink status of the printer. You can also print app photos and documents from your smartphone or tablet.

Using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

When the user registration is completed, you can log in to the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center and use the service.

1. From your PC, smartphone, or tablet, access the service login URL (
2. On the Login screen, enter the E-mail address and Password, and then select Log in

Adding a Printer

With one account, you can use the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center services on multiple printers.

The procedure for adding a printer is as follows:

1. Print the registration information from the printer to be added.
2. From the browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, access the authentication site URL.
3. When the printer registration screen is displayed, select Add printer.
4. Enter the information according to the instructions on the authentication screen, and then select Log in.
5. Enter your Printer registration ID, and select OK.

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