Canon EOS 70D (W/N) Digital Cameras Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide explains the basic function settings and how to shoot and play back images.

You can take this guide with you when shooting. For detailed instructions, refer to the EOS 70D (W/N) Instruction Manual.

Quick Start Guide

Insert the battery.
Insert a card.
Attach the lens.
Set the lens focus
mode switch to .
Set the power switch to , then set the Mode Dial to (Scene Intelligent Auto).
Flip out the LCD monitor.
Focus the subject.
Take the picture.
Review the picture.


Menu Operations
Image-recording Quality
Picture Style
Quick Control
Electronic Level
Touch Screen

Custom Functions

C.Fn I: Exposure
C.Fn II: Autofocus
C.Fn III: Operation/Others

Shooting Operation

Basic Zone Modes
Using the Built-in Flash
Creative Zone Modes
ISO: ISO Speed
Drive Mode
AF: AF Operation
AF Point Selection
AF Area Selection Mode
Live View Shooting
Shooting Movies

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