Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera Wired LAN Instruction Manual

EOS-1D X wired LAN functions enable the following operations.

FTP Transfer
Transfer images to an FTP server.

EOS Utility
Use a web browser to capture, view, and download images remotely.

WFT Server
Use EOS Utility to capture, view, and download images remotely.

Media Server
View images on a DLNA-compatible TV or other devices.

Basic Network Settings

LAN Cable Connection
Getting Ready
Displaying the Connection Wizard
Selecting the Communication Method and LAN Type
Configuring Network Settings

Transferring Images to an FTP Server

Configuring FTP Communication Settings
Automatic Image Transfer After Each Shot
Transferring Images Individually
Batch Transfer
Checking Image Transfer History
Viewing Transferred Images

Remote Capture Using EOS Utility

Configuring EOS Utility Communication Settings
Using EOS Utility

Remote Capture Using WFT Server

Configuring WFT Server Communication Settings
Displaying WFT Server
Viewing Images
Remote Capture [Camera control]
Remote Capture [Simple control]
Remote Capture

Using the Camera as a Media Server

Configuring Media Server Communication Settings
Displaying Captured Images on a Television

Managing Settings Information

Checking Settings
Changing Settings
Saving and Loading Settings

Synchronizing the Camera Time

Synchronizing the Time


Handling Error Messages
Checking Network Settings


Creating and Registering Captions

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