Buffalo WXR-1900DHP AirStation Router User Manual

Buffalo’s AirStation Extreme AC 1900 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router offers high speed dual band wireless connectivity, delivering the latest in Wi-Fi technology. Ideal for high bandwidth applications, it’s equipped with two wireless radios and HighPower Technology for extreme performance and range. AirStation Extreme AC 1900 offers a new class of features, above and beyond the traditional home router. Experience enhanced coverage and get high speed gigabit wired connections throughout your entire home.

Chapter 1 – Setup

Diagrams and Layout – Front Panel, Back Panel, Side Panel, Bottom
How to Set Up AirStation for the First Time – Connect to a PC and Power On, Opening Settings, Connect Your Wireless Devices

Chapter 2 – Settings

Easy Admin – Home, Wireless, AOSS/WPS, USB Storage, Guest Accounts, QoS, Web Filtering, Network Devices
Advanced Settings – Internet, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, VPN Server, NAT, IPv6, LAN, DHCP Leases, Routing, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, WPS, AOSS, MAC Filtering, Multicast Control, Guest Accounts, Wi-Fi Settings Transfer, Wireless Bridge, Firewall, IP Filter/IPv6 Filter, Passthrough, Port Forwarding, DMZ, UPnP, Web Filtering, Access Control, Disk Management, Sharing, WebAccess, Media Server, BitTorrent, QoS, eco Mode, Network USB, System, Syslog Settings, Reset/Reboot, Update Firmware, System Information, Logs, Packets, Ping

Chapter 3 – Wireless

Wireless Options
Advanced Wireless Configuration – Manual Configuration (SSID and Password), Automatic Secure Setup (WPS), Automatic Secure Setup (AOSS), Adding an AirStation to an Existing Wireless Network as a Client

Chapter 4 – Utilities

How to Download Utilities
List of Utilities with Description of Each – AirStation Configuration Tool, Network USB Navigator, Client Manager, AOSS Assistant, WLAN Monitor

Chapter 5 – Troubleshooting

Finding Your AirStation on the Network
Eliminating Dead Spots in Wireless Coverage
If Your Wireless Connection Is Not Stable
Basic Router Troubleshooting
Basic Router Troubleshooting from a Mac
If All LEDs Are Blinking White

Appendix A – Supplemental Information

Package Contents
Factory Default Settings
Technical Specifications
Shared Folders and USB Ports
GPL Information

Appendix B – Tutorials

Configuring the AirStation for Optimal Performance and Security – Performance, Security
Sharing an USB Device – Enabling Network USB on the AirStation, Installing and Using Network USB Navigator
Configuring the Web Filter – Content Filter, Websites Excluded from Filter, Computers Excluded from Filter, Finding a Computer’s MAC Address
Configuring Access Control
Port Forwarding Basics – Common Uses, Security, UPnP
Setting Up Port Forwarding Rules – Creating Port Forwarding Rules, Managing Port Forwarding Rules
Configuring a USB Drive as a NAS – Setting Up the NAS, Formatting the Drive, User Access, Enable Sharing
Adding the AirStation to a Wireless Network – Set Up the AirStation as an Extender, Set Up the AirStation as a Repeater
Connecting Wireless Bridge Clients with MAC Filtering Enabled – Required Devices, Configuration, Adding Devices
Saving and Restoring Settings with a Backup File – Save Settings to a Backup File, Restoring Settings with a Backup File, Replacing the AirStation
Setting Up WebAccess – WebAccess Settings
Connecting Wireless Devices Using AOSS – Pushbutton Method
Setting Up a VPN Server – L2TP/IPsec Settings on the AirStation, Editing Users, PPTP Settings on the AirStation, Editing Users
Using AirStations with 2Wire Residential Gateways
How to Use QoS – Setting a QoS Priority Policy, Manual Entry
IPv6 Connections
How to Configure TCP/IP – Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS

Appendix C – Regulatory Compliance Information

Company Information
FCC Statement
IC statement

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