Buffalo WHR-1166D Wireless Router User Manual

Buffalo’s AirStation AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Router is ideal for creating a high speed wireless home network. With simultaneous dual band operation and 866 + 300 Mbps speeds, it offers flexible wireless connectivity for surfing the web, emailing, downloading files and streaming HD movies, music and more.

Chapter 1 – Setup

Diagrams and Layout
How to Set Up AirStation for the First Time

Chapter 2 – Settings

Easy Admin
Advanced Settings

Chapter 3 – Wireless

Wireless Options
Advanced Wireless Configuration

Chapter 4 – Utilities

How to Download Utilities
List of Utilities with Description of Each

Chapter 5 – Troubleshooting

Finding Your AirStation on the Network
Eliminating Dead Spots in Wireless Coverage
If Your Wireless Connection Is Not Stable
Basic Router Troubleshooting
Basic Router Troubleshooting from a Mac

Appendix A – Supplemental Information

Package Contents
Factory Default Settings
Technical Specifications
GPL Information

Appendix B – Tutorials

Configuring the AirStation for Optimal Performance and Security
Configuring the Web Filter
Configuring Access Control
Port Forwarding Basics
Setting Up Port Forwarding Rules
Adding the AirStation to a Wireless Network
Saving and Restoring Settings with a Backup File
Connecting Wireless Devices Using AOSS
Using AirStations with 2Wire Residential Gateways
How to Use QoS
How to Configure TCP/IP

Appendix C – Regulatory Compliance Information

Company Information
FCC Statement
IC statement (IC d├ęclaration)
EU Regions of Intended Using
NCC Statement

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