Asus CROSSBLADE RANGER Motherboard User Manual

ROG’s flagship AMD FM2+ ATX gaming motherboard boosts your game with superb networking and audio performance.

Chapter 1: Product Introduction

Special features
Motherboard overview

Chapter 2: Basic Installation

Building your PC system
BIOS update utility
Motherboard rear and audio connections
Starting up for the first time
Turning off the computer

Chapter 3: BIOS setup

Knowing BIOS
BIOS setup program
My Favorites
Extreme Tweaker menu
Main menu
Advanced menu
Monitor menu
Boot menu
Tool menu
Exit menu
Updating BIOS

Chapter 4: Software support

Installing an operating system
Support DVD information
Software information
AI Suite 3
Dual Intelligent Processors 5
ROG audio features
Sonic Radar II
GameFirst III
ASUS Media Streamer
ASUS Disk Unlocker

Chapter 5: RAID support

RAID configurations
Install the RAID driver during Windows OS installation

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