Philips 42PFL3506H/12 TV Software Upgrade TPM61E_2.24

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Date Added: August 04, 2013 / Publisher:Philips / File Size: 13.88 MB
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Release Date: September 12, 2012.

IMPORTANT: There is a new improvement made in the new software release to improve the channel search efficiency, which required the TV channels to be reinstalled when you update the TV software from version TPM61E_2.11 (or older) to version TPM61E_2.14 (or later). After you have reinstalled your TV channels, you can rearrange the channels to suit your preference in the channel grid with the Reorder feature in the options menu.

NOTE: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.

The latest software solves the issues below:

TPM61E_2.24 (Date published: 2012-09-12)

  1. TV does not response to the remote control when you switch to France 24 or Balkan TV channels via Teledünya digital service provider. (Only applicable to country, Turkey)
  2. Picture freezes and TV does not response to the remote control when you switch to Mezzo channel. (Only applicable to country, Serbia)
  3. TV has no video after startup when you connected a set-top box (STB) through HDMI. (Only applicable to country, France)
  4. YouSee channel allocation. (Only applicable to country, Denmark)
  5. Changed the default [Visual impaired] option from on to off.

TPM61E_2.23 (Date published: 2012-04-20)

  1. TV turns off and on by itself while watching DI.TV channels. (Only applicable to country, Italy)
  2. Stofa cable provider option is added to the DVB-C installation cable provider list. (Only applicable to country, Denmark)
  3. Missing UPC channels. (Only applicable to country, Netherlands)
  4. Picture freeze when you playback motion jpeg file.
  5. A different audio is heard on some digital channels. (Only applicable to country, Mauritius)

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