How to update the Firmware via the web-GUI on the Asus wireless router?

  1. Type the following IP address in your web browser:
  2. Type "admin" in the user name and password box.
  3. Click OK.

Once the page is opened

  1. Select Setting.
  2. Choose the firmware upgrade tab.

Configure the firmware

  1. Once the firmware upgrade option is selected a window will automatically pop up. Choose the pathway to the RT-G32_2005 file(ex: RT-G32_2005).
  2. Select Open.

Please wait approximately one minute for the page to load.

Note: After upgrading the firmware, press the reset button at the back of the RT-G32 device for 5-10 seconds and release. This will cause the PWR light to turn off. Shortly after the PWR light will flicker. Wait until the PWR is fully on. Next pull off the power cord for 5 seconds, and then reconnect it.

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